Destiny 2 Servers are Down for Players Worldwide

Destiny 2 servers went down for players worldwide on July 1, 2023. The outage began at around 9:00 PM PST and lasted for several hours. Players were unable to log into the game or access any online features.

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, acknowledged the outage on Twitter and said that they were working to resolve the issue. They also provided a few troubleshooting steps that players could try, such as restarting their consoles or routers.

The outage came just hours after the release of the new Destiny 2 expansion, And Many players were eager to try out the new content but were disappointed when they were unable to log in.

The outage also affected some Destiny 2 esports tournaments. And The first round of the Destiny 2 Global Series (D2GS) Challenger Cup was scheduled to take place on July 1 but was postponed due to the server outage.

The Destiny 2 servers were finally restored at around 2:00 AM PST. And Bungie apologized for the inconvenience and said that they would be investigating the cause of the outage.

Here are some tips on how to fix Destiny 2 servers not available:

  • Use a wired connection.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Restart your Router.
  • Change DNS server on your device.
  • Clear download cache.

If you are still having problems after trying these steps, you can contact Bungie support for help.

  • Update: Bungie has released a statement on the Destiny 2 server outage. And They said that the outage was caused by a “hardware failure” at one of their data centers. They have since repaired the hardware and the servers are now back online.

Bungie also said that they are working to improve their server infrastructure to prevent future outages. They have added more redundancy to their systems and are implementing new monitoring tools.

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The Destiny 2 community has been understanding of the outage and has thanked Bungie for their swift response. And Players are now looking forward to diving into the new Lightfall content.

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