AMD Launches Bergamo Data-Center CPU to Compete with Nvidia and Intel

AMD has launched its fourth-generation Epyc data-center CPU, codenamed Bergamo. The new chip is designed to compete with Nvidia’s Grace data-center CPU and Intel’s fourth-generation Xeon platinum CPU.

Bergamo is based on AMD’s Zen 4 architecture and features up to 128 cores per socket. And This chip is said to deliver 1.8x performance per watt compared to Intel’s fourth-generation Xeon Platinum CPU.

AMD also announced a new software ecosystem for data-center accelerators, called ROCm. ROCm is designed to support the Instinct MI300 accelerator and “bring together an open AI software ecosystem,” according to AMD.

The launch of Bergamo is a significant move by AMD as it seeks to expand its market share in the data-center market. The chip is expected to be available in the second half of 2023.

Here are some of the key features of AMD’s Bergamo data-center CPU:

  • Up to 128 cores per socket
  • Based on AMD’s Zen 4 architecture

Supports AMD’s ROCm software ecosystem
Bergamo is a powerful new chip that is sure to make a significant impact in the data-center market. The chip’s performance and efficiency are sure to appeal to businesses that are looking to improve their data-center infrastructure.

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AMD is also making a strategic move by developing its own software ecosystem for data-center accelerators. And This will give AMD more control over the user experience and make it easier for businesses to deploy and manage AMD chips.

Overall, the launch of Bergamo is a positive development for AMD. The chip is well-positioned to compete with Nvidia and Intel in the data-center market. And AMD’s focus on performance, efficiency, and software will make Bergamo a popular choice for businesses that are looking to upgrade their data-center infrastructure.

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